OSJC: Order of St John Chrysostom: Orthodox and Catholic Christians serving together



From the Charter:

Article 11 – States of Membership

11.1. In accordance with its nature and objectives, the Order may admit as Full Members men of all ages (but at least eight years old for the Page program) who freely apply, single or married, clergy of all ranks, all of good standing and reputation. New members are received into the Order in accordance with their personal situation and state and may choose the nature of their commitment.

11.2. If a Member is married, his wife may be admitted as Dame and Associate Member so as to participate in appropriate open events as well as in the spiritual goals of the Order.

Article 12 – Ranks and Categories

12.1. According to the nature of their commitment and their progress, members of the Order may attain the following titles or ranks:

  • Page (POSJC), ages 8-17
  • Knight (KOSJC), ages 18-30
  • Dame (DOSJC)
  • Oblate (OSJC) or Prior (POSJC)
  • Grand Prior (POSJC) or Chamberlain (COSJC)
  • Councilor or Commander (COSJC)
  • Royal Patron or Protector; Ecclesiastical Patron or Protector (POSCJ)
  • Chancellor / Governor (COSJC/GOSJC)